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A kitchen gadget I can't live without...

Just ask my husband, I love kitchen gadgets. If I can find a way to do things faster, healthier or cooler, I'm going to seriously consider it - and read the reviews on Amazon. Phew! Those reviews have saved me from many a purchase.

We eat a LOT of eggs. We scramble, fry, frittata and boil them every day! The first 3 methods I'm cool with, but the boiling is always where I'd fail. I HATE boiling eggs the traditional way. I was never sure I was doing it the right way or for how long, so I just wouldn't do it. BUT boiled eggs are a great source of nutrients and easy to take on the run.

Enter the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker. You poke a hole in the wide end of the egg with the provided measuring cup/poker thing, load the eggs in tray, fill the bottom with water, put the lid on and turn it on. (Oh, you do have to plug it in too ;-) It knows when to turn itself off because it's smarter than me when it comes to this. In just a few minutes I have perfectly cooked and easy to peel boiled eggs.

If you love to eat boiled eggs, but hate to cook them, you HAVE to have one of these.

If you already have one, post a comment about how much you love yours too!

Thanks for reading!


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