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Meet Dr. Jen

Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I want you to know that I get you! The picture on the left is me in 2013. I was closing in on 200 pounds on my 5'4" frame. I was MISERABLE! I was well on my way to type 2 diabetes, I was inflamed and so frustrated with my body. I was too young to feel the way I did!

Fast forward to getting ahold of my weight and health and discovering along the way my passion of helping other people accomplish amazing results too. I went back to school and continue learning to this day more and more about the amazing human body and how to help people feel and look better naturally. I feel younger and healthier today at 52 than I did at 42!

Back in the day, I tried EVERYTHING! That military diet thing, the cabbage soup diet thing, the grapefruit diet thing... I think we all know there's no "easy button" or short-term "thing." It's about long-term, sustainable living. And having someone beside you to teach and guide you. I hope you'll choose me to be one of your teachers.

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