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I Want to Help!

My goal? To be the last practitioner you have to tell your current story to.

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Here's the plan...

Are you tired of feeling like just another file on someone’s desk? I get it. That’s why my approach is different. I’m here not just to listen but to hear your story—the one you've had to tell time and time again. My goal? You won't need to hope someone will finally listen after we start working together. I am the last health detective you’ll ever need.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Thorough Intake: From the moment you decide to work with me, I dive deep into understanding where you are health-wise and where you want to be. It’s about getting the full picture, not just a snapshot.

  • Lab Reviews & Orders: Got current labs? Great, I'll pore over them. Need new ones? I've got you covered there too (note: this comes with an extra charge, but it's all about getting you the answers you need).

  • Personalized Supplements: Based on what I learn, I’ll tailor a supplement plan just for you. Even better, I’ll have everything shipped right to your door. 

  • Kickoff Call: Once your supplements arrive, we’ll have a call to walk you through your new regime, ensuring you’re ready and raring to go.

  • Nutrition Guidance: I’ll provide you with a list of foods and menu recommendations that align with your health goals. It’s not about restrictions; it’s about empowerment through nutrition.

  • Bi-Weekly Check-Ins: We’ll meet twice a month to keep you on track, address any concerns, and celebrate your wins. It’s about continuous support, keeping you motivated and informed every step of the way.


Your journey to better health is uniquely yours. Let me be your partner, guide, and detective in uncovering the path to a healthier you. Together, we can make this the last time you have to start over. Ready to change your health story? Let’s talk.

You're My Dream Client If...

  • You're Open to Change: Whether it’s tweaking your diet or incorporating new foods, you’re willing to make dietary changes that support your health goals.

  • You're Ready for Supplements: You understand that supplements can be powerful tools in your health journey and are willing to incorporate them as recommended.

  • You're Committed to the Process: Regular check-ins? You’re there. These calls are not just about tracking progress; they’re about support, inspiration, and staying connected.

  • You're a Learner at Heart: Willing to learn new things and experiment? That’s the spirit that can lead to transformative health changes.

  • We're in it Together: You understand the value of continuing to work with your licensed medical provider. While I dive deep into the world of alternative healthcare, providing support and guidance, I respect the boundaries of my expertise. Collaboration with your medical team ensures you get the best of both worlds.

I Might Not Be Your Practitioner If...

  • Learning New Things Isn't Your Jam: If the thought of adapting, learning, and experimenting feels overwhelming rather than exciting, we might not be the best fit.

  • Dietary Changes Are a Deal-Breaker: It’s okay to have preferences, but if you're not open to modifying your diet, it might be challenging to achieve the health outcomes you’re seeking.

  • Supplements Aren’t Your Thing: While not every health plan I create leans heavily on supplements, being open to their potential benefits is crucial.

  • Regular Check-Ins Feel Like a Chore: The journey to better health is a partnership. Regular communication is key to that partnership. If you’re not up for that, you might not benefit fully from what I offer.

  • You Prefer the Status Quo Over Experimentation: Change can be daunting, but it’s often necessary for growth. If you’re not ready to try new approaches, it might be difficult to move forward together.

  • You Expect Me to Be Your Sole Medical Provider: It's important to understand that my role is to complement, not replace, your medical care. If you're looking for a practitioner to take over all aspects of your health care, including diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, I might not be the right fit for you.

I sincerely hope to see your name pop up on my schedule soon, so we can start this journey together towards better health. Your readiness to embrace change is the first step to feeling better, and I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. Let's get started on creating a healthier, happier you!


Book a consult now.  (If you have recent labs, let me know. I'd love to review them before we talk.)


Reach out! I'd love to connect with you about your health goals.


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