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Top Tips To Plan Your Meals

There’s nothing quite like coming home, kicking off your work shoes, and sitting down to a home-cooked meal!

Unless you’re the one who has to think of the meal, prep the entire thing, and then stand over the stove or oven for an hour or more trying to get it all together, then do all the dishes after the fact!

It sounds like a mess!

It's tough to start from scratch every single night to create a meal that your entire family will enjoy. Learning to meal plan can save you so much hassle! You’ll be able to look at the week and see what you’ll be having and even take some shortcuts for the week that will save you time and effort.

Meal planning might take a little extra effort in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it all, you might go from planning for a week to planning for the entire month. There’s no limit to what a little meal planning organization can do for you!

Let’s not waste any time!

Take Stock

If you’re someone who hates going to the grocery store before you’ve used up what you have at home, this first step is for you. Go through your pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what type of ingredients you have on hand. Keep a notebook nearby as you do this so you can write down exactly what’s on the shelves and plan accordingly! When you get ready to head to the grocery store, you’ll have an inventory list that’s accurate and easy to understand.

Develop a Menu

Your week should be broken down into a comprehensive menu that encompasses the entire week! Start with breakfasts for each of the next 5-7 days, then lunches, then supper, and finally fill in some of the blanks with snacks that will keep you full and focused. Write down what each of the meals will be and any of the ingredients you’ll be using, including those you already have. Separate the ingredients you have listed from the ones you need to purchase to make it easy to know what to get at the store! Post this menu or keep it somewhere you can see it often and easily. By posting it up, you’ll have a visual reminder that you need to stay on course and not deviate by ordering out or cheating on your intended meal plan!

Hit the Grocery Store

With your list in hand, it’s time to head for the grocery store! When you’re trying to stay on course for a specific meal plan, you may need to go out to more than one store to get what you need. Plan ahead and keep in mind that instead of getting all your ingredients in one place today, you’ll need to go to more than one store. You might not be able to get all the vegetables you’ll need for a recipe at the local supermarket, and you’ll have to budget time into your weekly prep to hit the specialty store down the road. It can feel like a major inconvenience, but it’s all part of the weekly prep! Set aside a full day to hit the store rather than just an hour or so after work. You’ll be able to get to all the stores you need and get the ingredients, specialty, and otherwise, back home for the week to be prepped!

Buy in Bulk

As you’re shopping, you might try to cut out this weekly prep process by only grabbing a few ingredients. This is your one chance for the week to go shopping! Buy as many ingredients as you can in bulk while out on your shopping trip, so you’ll have everything you need on hand. This initial prep can be time-consuming but by spending the time on it on your day or afternoon off will save you energy later on. You won’t be caught unprepared and missing ingredients on a specific night and end up running to the store, wasting your time and energy in the middle of a busy moment. Many bulk products can be easily prepped as well to save you time when you’re busy cooking at home!


Meal prepping is often thought of as the actual act of cooking the meal and putting it away, boxed and sealed, for the week, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The biggest hurdle to overcome with meal prep is your weekly prep!

This is all about the day you take to get ingredients, containers, restock supplies, and take stock of what you do and don’t have. You’ll also be spending time making a meal plan and getting ingredients for the week! Don’t shirk this duty or try to cut down on time. Make the most of the day and spend it getting ready for the week. It really is worth it!

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