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Three Things That Destroy Your Metabolism

When it comes to losing weight and reaching your health and wellness goals, one of the key components is how well your metabolism works.

While there are a lot of ways to get your metabolism up to snuff, there are some things that can severely limit the way it works. Avoiding these things and setting up your daily routine to make sure you don’t indulge is one of the simplest things you can do to boost your health!

Not Getting Enough Water

Our days are often packed with a lot of things, but one thing we typically don’t get enough of is water. Your metabolism relies on the amount of water and hydration you get throughout the day!

Drinking enough water makes your body more efficient at processing the food you eat throughout the day. When you drink plenty of water, it’s much easier to keep things moving within your body.

If you’re not getting enough water throughout the day, your metabolism is prone to tank. It may be hard to drink plain water throughout the day but it really is what your body wants the most!

As you look to start drinking more water and increasing your metabolism, there are a couple of things you can do to help make it easier! Start by finding a water bottle that you like using and keep a record of how many bottles you drink during the day. Give yourself some prizes and goals to work toward as you strive to drink more water throughout the day! There are apps that can help you track you water intake.

Eating Too Many Complex Carbs

Your body and your metabolism require some work to stay healthy! When you eat food that’s high in fiber and protein, you increase your metabolism as it works in overdrive to process these types of food. White bread, sugar, and white rice are all too easy to process and don’t give your metabolism the workout it needs.

All those white breads, sugar, and white rice dishes can end up lowering your metabolism and make it hard to get back on track with your diet and metabolism!

There are a lot of different options if you want to start substituting these high-carb foods. Choose high-protein foods, foods with plenty of natural fiber, and a balanced plate to ensure you’re keeping your metabolism high.

Not Getting Enough Exercise

Our bodies need exercise to keep our metabolism going as it should. When you don’t get enough exercise, your metabolism starts to tank and can leave you back at square one.

Getting plenty of exercise throughout the day helps you keep your metabolism high! There’s no reason to start off with running marathons right off the bat, a simple, regular walk around the neighborhood is a great way to start getting plenty of exercise.

As you exercise more, your metabolism increases as you burn more calories throughout the workout. The more calories you burn, the better your metabolism!


There are a lot of things that impact your metabolism, but three that we see everyday are a lack of drinking enough water, eating too many complex carbs, and not getting enough exercise throughout the day.

Each of these has a negative impact on your metabolism, but with a little dedication, it can be reversed, and you can increase your metabolism! Metabolism has a big impact on whether you can reach your health and wellness goals. As you increase your metabolism, those goals start to come into sight, and it’s easier to reach them!

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