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Celebrating the people who transformed their
lives with the help of Dillman Wellness LLC!

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Jennifer has helped me see how God has magnificently created the human body AND has created the natural, whole fuel to make it function well. For me, pant size down 8 inches, weight down 35 pounds, aches and pains WAY down, more strength, more energy, what a blessing!

Ultimately, it's not about size or weight or the shape of our bodies. It's all about being healthy. Having energy. Having a right balance. I have to say, I feel more healthy and strong than I did 20 years ago.


Since beginning the Whole 30 with Jennifer's help, I no longer feel sugar cravings like I did before. In fact, my cravings for soda are GONE and I prefer water most of the time. I can also recognize hunger vs. a craving and react accordingly. I know when I'm satiated and when I should stop eating (it's about half the portions I was having before). I know how to balance my meals. And the need to "reward" myself with food during times of stress has greatly improved. And I haven't even mentioned the outward physical benefits. My acne is almost completely gone. The bumps on the backs of my arms and legs are gone. I can't even remember the last time my skin was so smooth. My hair is so thick and no longer falling out. My nails are growing in strong. And I lost 15 lbs! The Whole 30 is one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but it's totally worth it. I can't ever go back to my previous eating habits because I just feel so good!


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