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What is Nutritional Therapy?

The practice of Nutritional Therapy is based on the idea that many of our modern diseases are a result of the foods we eat. Our modern diet leads to nutritional deficiencies, eating too much, and eating foods that are toxic to our bodies. However, if we eat the food our bodies are designed to need, health can be restored. Nutritional Therapy promotes a  properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods diet. Occasionally, supplements are recommended to restore balance. Nutritional Therapy is designed to be a lifestyle change where you learn to fuel your body for its best performance and health.

What is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are trained by the Nutritional Therapy Association in a very thorough program. FNTP's work with clients to develop a bio-individual plan to help restore physiology and function. FNTP's take into account digestion, blood sugar and fatty acid balance, mineral absorption, and hydration and the consequences of being out of balance (adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, allergies, hormonal concerns, etc.).

How is Nutritional Therapy different and how can it help me?

Nutritional Therapy is a comprehensive approach to connecting you with vitality. The way we work together includes a look at your health history and a food journal. You will also fill out a  questionnaire to help to determine which areas need to be addressed. You will receive education about healthy eating so you can continue to make excellent choices for your health. 

How much does Nutritional Therapy cost?

Glad you asked! The initial appointment is $150. This is a longer and more in depth appointment than regular visits and a lot of preparatory work goes into it. Regular visits are $75.The cost of any supplements would be extra. 


Some clients are able to use their HSA account for these purchases. Please check your sources on this.

I accept cash, checks and credit cards (via QuickBooks/Intuit).

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